It will come as no surprise for most people that the second oldest profession in the world has found its way onto the internet. However, people may be surprised to learn that as much as 80% of prostitution in the developed world is now conducted online.

Prostitutes and pimps have found clever ways of disguising exactly what they are selling, but savvy customers know where to look and understand the lingo that covers what remains an illegal transaction in most developed nations.

Online prostitution is operated under the name of services that are closely related to sex, so that money and sexual services can be exchanged without ever having to refer directly to sexual services for pay, which thereby makes it extremely difficult for law enforcement agencies to do anything about it. The usual covers are either escort services, massage therapy or adult dating sites, but anything that gets prostitutes in a room with their clients works as an effective online cover.

Online prostitutes are even more varied than they were before the arrival of the internet, with an extremely broad range of services offered and rates charged. The highest-end online prostitutes usually work for high-class escort services, and can charge anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per hour. On the bottom end of the scale, local prostitutes may charge as little as 20 dollars per sexual encounter.

The internet has allowed the users of prostitution services much more scope in identifying and finding the prostitutes and sexual services that they desire most. While prostitution was still mostly done offline, it was harder to find exactly what prostitutes were available, when they were available and what services they offered. The need to rely on word-of-mouth communication or the back of magazines made it difficult to provide a lot of information between prostitutes and clients.

The transition to the internet, however, has allowed for much more effective means of communication between prostitutes and clients, which has opened the door for a lot of clients to sexual services that they may not have considered seeking out before. Online prostitution offers a much greater variety of niche sexual interests and appetites than prostitution conducted offline, as long as clients are willing to spend the extra time to seek out more exotic services and are willing to pay the premium cost that comes with it.

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The Contemporary World Of Online Prostitution

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